Major service disruption

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This page monitors all of our critical services. If there is a disruption in service, incident notes will be updated here

  • Website & Blog Server

    Hosting Disabled - Website Unrechable
  • Mail & Help Center Servers

  • Links Metrics & Social Media Bio Links Servers


Recent Notices

  • After some changes is GPRD law, Students Who Care will take care of the new obligations to protect its users data by adding all the specifications required by EU law. Some changes will be applied to the website in the near future, you will get informed via email if you are subscribed in our newslett...
  • Updating our Privacy Policy

    November 05, Tue
    We want our website to be a safe place for everyone as well as for children under the of 13. So we update our privacy policy to be covered form any law misunderstandings. The new policies will probably take affect at 9/12/2019. Take care and happy writing
  • We just built up a new service that automatically redirects you to the version of the website that is appropriate for your location and your age. Our system understands a huge variety of data and directs you to the correct environment according to your choices and preferences. As this projec...

Ongoing Incidents

  • Downgrade Hosting Plan

    Lasted for 3 months
    Affected Service: Website & Blog Server April 20, Mon

    After our latest communication, we move on with the downgrade of your business hosting plan to simple premium hosting plan to continues to have the same features as the previous one but without receiving online payments.

    15:19, Apr 20 EEST

    The payment couldn’t proceed from your bank’s end. We can’t continue the process. The website is down and it will remain down until you resolve the problem with your bank

    15:21, Apr 20 EEST

Recent Incidents

  • Change Favicon

    Resolved in 2 months
    Affected Service: Website & Blog Server October 21, Mon

    We are investigating in which situations Website's favicon paper with low resolution so we can replace with a high one. Not in all devices the same problem exist

    17:45, Aug 18 EEST

    We finally did it. We found the problem and now we fixing it. New Favicon is coming soon

    15:05, Aug 29 EEST

    Favicon Updated

    21:21, Oct 21 EEST
  • Affected Service: Website & Blog Server October 21, Mon

    Always we are trying to make our services much more efficient for our customers. That’s why we fix some line of codes in our automation system for “Send Content”, “Delete Account” and “Report a Problem” services.

    If you visit these pages that are accessible only in you login at , then probably you will realize an “Error Message” or a window saying that this form is “Unavailable”.

    There isn’t any timeline but up to Monday we hope we have finished all our updates. Any project that you may have simply keep it and we will let you know when everything are back in operation

    23:58, Sep 13 EEST

    Service Fixed

    21:20, Oct 21 EEST
  • Help center is down

    Resolved in 2 weeks
    Affected Service: Mail & Help Center Servers September 13, Fri

    We are trying to fix the problem

    12:22, Aug 30 EEST

    Problem is fixed

    23:54, Sep 13 EEST
  • Affected Service: Website & Blog Server August 29, Thu

    In the URL: there is a display problem. We are investigating it in the meantime

    11:16, Aug 20 EEST

    Now everything display properly in our phone version website. If you find anything else, don’t hesitate to report it at

    15:07, Aug 29 EEST
  • Testing Email Incidents

    Resolved in 1 day
    Affected Service: Mail & Help Center Servers August 29, Thu

    You may receive plenty email from “Students Who Care” with title “ALERT: Server’s Status Update as we develop this service in the main time

    14:04, Aug 28 EEST

    All our automation system is ready for all Status Page Changes.

    15:03, Aug 29 EEST
  • Help Center Greek Version

    Resolved in 8 hours
    Affected Service: Help Center Server August 20, Tue

    These days may our help centre page go down for a while as we copy everything to generate the greek version of our Help Center. Thanks for the understanding !

    11:18, Aug 20 EEST

    Maintenance and major outage is finished.

    19:19, Aug 20 EEST
  • Insert RSS feed in website

    Resolved in 1 minute
    Affected Service: Website & Blog Server August 18, Sun

    Now live our Status Page in our website

    17:55, Aug 18 EEST

    Success! We did it...

    17:56, Aug 18 EEST
  • No incidents reported