January 2020

  • GPRD Compliance in progress

    After some changes is GPRD law, Students Who Care will take care of the new obligations to protect its users data by adding all the specifications required by EU law. Some changes will be applied to the website in the near future, you will get informed via email if you are subscribed in our newslett...
    January 29, Wed
  • No other incidents reported in this month

November 2019

  • GeoLocation targeting in progress

    We just built up a new service that automatically redirects you to the version of the website that is appropriate for your location and your age. Our system understands a huge variety of data and directs you to the correct environment according to your choices and preferences. As this projec...
    November 05, Tue
  • Updating our Privacy Policy

    We want our website to be a safe place for everyone as well as for children under the of 13. So we update our privacy policy to be covered form any law misunderstandings. The new policies will probably take affect at 9/12/2019. Take care and happy writing
    November 05, Tue
  • No other incidents reported in this month

October 2019

September 2019

  • Help center is down

    Affected Service: Mail & Help Center Servers
    September 13, Fri
  • No other incidents reported in this month

August 2019